The Girl and Horse Relationship: a girls perspective

The Girl and Horse Relationship: a girls perspective
The following is written by a resident of HGR.  She chose to write this as a self assigned goal:
The girl and Horse relationship is very important to the program.  When a girl has a very strong relationship with her horse, her attitude might improve.  Animals are very influential in a person’s life. The girl knows that her horse depends on her to give them attention that they need like grooming.  It in turn makes her depend on her horse for another angle of therapy.  For example with my horse I look forward to seeing her every day and it influences me to think one positive thing.  I know that I am making progress in the horse program, that proves to me that not everything is wrong.  That might be how it is for some of the girls here.  It positively affects the horse because the horse starts to grow too, they learn new things. The horse may start to have a better attitude. The horse may start to move on from the things that spook them.  It is really a learning experience.  Once the girl moves up in the horse program she feels a sense of pride and excitement.  It means that when you move up to level 2 rider you get to canter and that is a really fun experience.  When the girl starts to canter, her horse gains more trust in her.  The reason why is when you you canter it is really hard at first to some because you have to find your horses rhythm and it can be very tricky.  That makes the girl’s relationship with the horse very strong.  When you are able to canter you learn a lot more about your horse.  All in all I think that the relationship is really what makes  the program truly work.  It really  makes  a lot of difference when you have a variety of things that love and care about you especially  when you have a horse.