Strides Program

“Helping girls to transition from residential programs to independence through education, employment, and life skills training.” 

The Strides Program provides additional support and time for girls who have completed the main program to transition to independence through education, employment, and life skills training. Girls may stay in this program while completing their education and developing independent living skills. All residents have full access to HGR’s additional services while in this program.Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 9.48.03 PM

 Strides Transitional Housing Program:

•Single family house in the nearby community with capacity for up to 5 girls

•24 hour staff on sight

•Hands on independent living skills and services provided in preparation for independence

•Post secondary preparation and help with college placement

•Supportive job placement and financial guidance

•Length of placement to meet the needs of the individual girl

Potential residents must fill out the Strides Application Form and have an interview with Heartland staff to determine if they are appropriate for admission. It is important that applicants can demonstrate behavioral control and self-advocacy skills to allow them to be unsupervised in the community for jobs, schools and recreational activities.

All residents are required to complete a case plan that would include goals in education, employment, finances, nutritional meal planning and preparation, physical wellness, healthy relation- ships, mental and emotional wellness, spirituality, and life skills. All residents will be required to save a minimum of 70% of their earnings to be used as “start- up” money upon discharge.

You can find the Strides Transitional Housing Program Application on our Admissions Page

Any further questions may be directed to Crystal Erickson, Program Director- 320-843-4815